Macadamia Nuts

The macadamia is a delicious, extremely nutritious nut that is often referred to as the “King of Nuts.” It has a rich, buttery, tropical flavor, but with a natural sweetness and creamy texture that is enhanced by roasting or salting. Popular as a snack and party food, macadamia nuts are also featured in numerous desserts, breads, cookies and pastries. Others have fallen in love with macadamia butter used as a spread, macadamia oil for cooking and dressings, and macadamia milk as a tasty and healthy alternative to dairy milk. Malawi is one of the top 5 producers of macadamia nuts in the world, holding a global market share of 3-5%. With demand rising rapidly, Malawian production is expected to double in volume over the next five years.

Moyo’s Believe it or Nut

✓ In 2020, the global market size for macadamia nuts stood at $1.31 billion, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 11.2% through 2032.

✓ Genetic research has traced the origin of 70% of the world’s macadamia trees to a small grove of trees—and probably a single tree—in the small town of Gympie in Queensland, Australia.

✓ In 1857, botanist Ferdinand von Mueller named the plant genus Macadamia after his friend Dr. John Macadam, a noted Australian scientist.

✓ The first commerce using macadamia nuts was conducted in the 1860s by an aboriginal clan in Australia, who used them in trading with settlers.

✓ China is both the fastest growing producer and one of the fastest growing markets for macadamia nuts.

✓ Macadamia nuts are common gifts exchanged during Chinese New Year because of their positive image in Chinese culture and their popularity as a party snack.

✓ It takes about 7 years for a newly planted macadamia tree to bear fruit, but then it provides high yields for more than 100 years.

✓ Macadamias grow encased in a hard, woody shell that is harder than the shell of any other nut. It takes machinery applying 300 pounds of pressure per square inch to crack the shell during processing.

✓ In 2014, macadamia nut sales in South Korea surged 250% after a “nut rage” scandal in which a Korean Air executive fired a flight attendant for serving her macadamias in a bag instead of on a plate.


Snacks – salted, roasted or chocolate-covered (of course)

Nut butter – enjoyed as a spread or used in baking, it’s rich in protein and healthy fats

Desserts – the ice cream is incredible!

Health & beauty – macadamia oil has unique properties for skin lotions, cosmetics and hair products

Cooking – macadamia oil is a healthful option for roasting, baking, deep-frying, and salad dressings

Macadamia milk – sugar-free, delicious and versatile

Charcoal – made from the husks, it can be burned for fuel or used in filtration