the definition of moyo:

Life, Soul

NOUN  /MOI-oh/

The Moyo Goods Story

Child Legacy International has historically been dependent on private donations for operational support, which has been generous and successful. However, continual fundraising can be an arduous task. So the Rogers looked again to the land and an idea took root - which was to grow, harvest and sell native Malawian products. 

The net proceeds from this new endeavor will secure Child Legacy International’s future by ensuring that the vision and mission are funded by the efforts of their own labor vs. relying solely on the kindness of donors. This idea became Moyo Goods.

Since 2017, workers at the farm in Msundwe have planted thousands of coffee plants and macadamia trees. Moyo Goods will farm over 18,000 macadamia trees with the purpose to market, sell and distribute the goods produced on the farm to consumers around the globe.

Moyo Goods is organized as a public benefit corporation (PBC); its board members bear a dual responsibility to both the shareholders and to the social impact/public benefit of the organization. Profits from Moyo Goods support operations of the site in Malawi, including the free Msdunwe Child Legacy International Hospital, as well as education programs, and other CLI’s current and future initiatives in multiple countries. 

The Soulful Culture of The Msundwe, Malawi People Inspired A Dream In The Hearts of A Loving Texas Family.

Support Our mission

Partners of Child Legacy International & Moyo Goods can be confident that their support creates real results. Our presence in rural African communities empowers the people and strengthens their economies.




Moyo Goods is part of Child Legacy International’s operation that brings electricity, renewable energy, clean water, education and health care to communities in the most remote and rural region of Malawi, Africa.

Dozens of local villagers work at our farm in Msundwe, and proceeds support the free CLI hospital there that delivers preventive care, vaccinations, disease control, and maternal care to tens of thousands of residents from the surrounding area. The hospital’s labor & delivery department has facilitated hundreds of healthy births since 2015, while new mothers receive professional prenatal, labor and postnatal medical attention.

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