Moyo Goods is part of Child Legacy International’s operation that brings electricity, renewable energy, clean water, education and health care to communities in the most remote and rural region of Malawi, Africa. Dozens of local villagers work at our farm in Msundwe, and proceeds support the free CLI hospital there that delivers preventive care, vaccinations, disease control, and maternal care to tens of thousands of residents from the surrounding area. The hospital’s Labor & Delivery department has facilitated hundreds of healthy births since 2015, while new mothers receive professional prenatal, labor and postnatal medical attention.

Man speaking to group of Malawian people
Fish, fruit and vegetables from our farm feed not only the staff and patients at the hospital but also hundreds of villagers.

In addition, many of our employees take the modern agricultural techniques and practices they learn on our farm back to their own villages and share them with other farmers. As the Moyo Goods model thrives and grows, we expect it to foster more productive and profitable farming across the region, along with a growing number of jobs and more training programs in a range of fields, from modern agricultural practices to life sciences, business, marketing, accounting and more.

In short, when you help Moyo Goods achieve sustainability, you will be part of a humanitarian and economic initiative that will change the fabric of Malawian life for generations.

two women standing in macadamia trees in malawi
Our nuts and other goods are currently sold to large cooperatives and international traders who move them to other countries for processing and marketing.

Macadamia nuts from Malawi typically end up in candy, cookies and other products on grocery shelves around the world, including Europe and the U.S. These logistics are evolving rapidly with better farming, better technology and better government assistance for the industry, and we looking forward to delivering delicious macadamia nuts directly to the U.S. and other global markets in the near future!

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